Have a look at highly detailed animal drawings by a 16 years child!

An artist has a great talent to show his inner thoughts into reality. 

We all love to showcase our hidden talents & ideas artistically. Becoming an artist is not an easy task. 

You can train your inner artist to become a successful person in the future. 

Apart from that, some unique artists are born with an innate talent with marvelous creative ideas. 

The Serbian child prodigy named Dusan Krtolica started his first drawing at two years old. This is the age that he tried to hold the pencil within his little fingers. 

At the age of 11, he has shown his unique talent. When he was 15, he was exposed to an immense talent-related mainly to the animal kingdom.

His drawing is anatomically highly corrected, where he uses to draw; not only animals but also flora. Mainly he has finalized the detailed art with all details and by his memory. His parents took the initial start by introducing an animal encyclopedia with the precise shapes of animals. 

After observing them & studying them, Krtolica has said that he will draw all the animals he studied. This was quite simple work, but usually, his drawing has all the details of an animal, such as the tusk, hair, and hoof of each animal member. 

This child has not limited his creations only to living creatures, and this is because he has a tremendous interest in dinosaurs and other ancient animals. Krtolica has published his very first encyclopedia with prehistoric animals. 

Do not forget that he has a good knowledge of history too.

What Krtolica is summarizing is that if we compress the earth’s history into one year, the last few minutes were time with human existence. 

Get some photos of the Encyclopedia of Prehistoric Animals, which Krtolica was described using his detailed arts in a very clear manner.

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