A zookeeper who is making exciting connections with animals!


We all yell at this currently leading pandemic situation. It is because all our picnics are canceled, and we have to stay at home. We are getting permission only to go to the nearest grocery shop and for some basic needs. 

So, if I ask you to go on a trip, I hope you will be delighted.

Shall we get in touch with a zookeeper, who has to keep his eye on all animals living as how we live now?

Chad Staples is an Australian zookeeper, and now he is uploading his job-related photos to social media. But all are not his day-to-day job duties. So, let’s have a look and get an idea of how he enjoys his life.

Chad is an animal lover. But he has never thought of doing this as his career. But after finishing high schooling, Chad has come straight away to this job role. Twenty-four years have passed since the day he started his career. 

Though he started his path as a casual zookeeper, then after five years, he has moved to get a zoo education. Following three years, he has spent about three years doing curator techniques. He has worked as a director of a zoo for six years and for the second one where the time is 12 months. Chad has mentioned these fats with Bored Panda.

What you imagine in your mind is, Chad is doing a lot of work. He manages two collections, as he manages Featherdale park in Sydney, which is the most extensive collection of Australian animals in the world. The second one is that he is managing an endangered species in Mogo as Chad is highly passionate about his work and fulfills his responsibilities well.

At the time when bushfires damaged Mogo a year ago, his staff could defend the fire. So, he has to take some of the small animals to his home. Clad says that smaller animals should have been caught if he didn’t do this, where the larger animals are directed to their night house.

As per Clad’s story to tell us regarding the remarkable life he spent in zoos and wild parks, it is a great chance to interact with animals.




















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