Don’t cover grey roots! - Visit this hairdresser to embrace your true nature!

People spend hundreds and thousands daily to get perfect and healthy skin and hair. And, doing so, they try to change their looks instead of embracing and enhancing their natural beauty. One such beauty problem most women face these days is grey hair. It doesn’t exactly look pretty to have grey hair mixed with your natural hair color. Hence, women try to change it back to the original color continuously. 

Jack Martin, a salon colorist in California, found a perfect solution for the grey hair problem. It all started when a woman visited his salon asking for a way to save money and have a single hair color that she often does not have to change. The woman has tried dyeing her hair from gray to brown at home every 3-4 weeks yearly.

Already tired from the process, she wanted to save the money spent on hair products and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about her hair. Accepting the challenge, Jack came up with the idea to dye her hair silver that will complement her gray hair perfectly, allowing her to visit the salon less. The result was great, and the woman loved the outcome. 

Jack posted several pictures of the transformation on Instagram. The photos received a lot of attention. Jack received requests from many people asking to have similar looks like the woman, increasing his client base.

With the new transformation, clients only had to visit the salon two to three times a year instead of weekly visits. Not to mention, the silver color brought a fantastic look for almost every client. A single transformation would generally be a session that lasts for 10 hours. It starts with removing any remaining artificial color using a color extractor. Then the head is bleached, preparing hair for the silver color while preserving the grey root.

What comes after is complementing the new color with the natural grey pattern of the hair. To do that, Jack has to analyze the natural color of hair. So, he asks his client to come in with at least three inches of their grown-out roots. After the analysis, he creates the pattern on the entire hair. According to him, the actual hair color is not just one color. For example, some clients have salt and pepper mainly in the front and a dark color in the back. So, Jack applies the hair color depending on the dark or light nature of the hair. 

The final result of this hour-long process is something gorgeous. Each of the pictures below shows how beautiful, healthy, and unique the hair looks after the transformations. And the happy faces of the clients show how much they appreciate their new looks. With his talent, Jack makes it possible for his clients to embrace their natural beauty. And he helps to install the freedom and confidence in clients that usually come with a stunning look.

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