Magic of the Netherland spring at a glance!

The most beautiful creations of the world are born from nature. It is the source of the survival of the whole world. No matter how many technological advances we have achieved, nothing compares with nature.

Recently, COVID – 19 pandemic hit the world, which caused the death of many humans. It was a direct hit from nature that cornered people to their homes. While restricting the access for humans, mother nature thrived on itself. Animals roamed the streets freely, and the world unveiled its beauty only for very few to see.

Amidst this situation, photographer Albert Dros managed to capture the magical beauty of Netherland nature through his lenses. Spring in the Netherlands, also known as tulip season, is truly outstanding, unlike any other season of the country. Albert's photography shows breathtaking sceneries from morning to dust that sprung to life without human intervention. Thanks to him, we get the chance to see these beautiful moments of nature.

Nature still plays her part so that we can witness her delights and wonders. Just as much as we enjoy them, we should also preserve the environment. We are responsible for protecting it because there won't be any life on this earth without nature. Keeping that in mind, let's take a look at the following pictures and bathe in the magic of nature.

#1 A Silent Dream

#2 A Fairytale Landscape

#3 Undisturbed Nature

#4 Nature’s Mirror

#5 Standing Out

#6 Misty Morning

#7 Reds And Purples

#8 Above All Other

#9 Tulip Veil

#10 The Clash

#11 Amidst Thunder

#12 Dance Of Joy

#13 Beyond The Horizon

#14 Ballet Of The Swan

#15 Blossoming Purity

#16 Alone In The Sky

#17 Splashed Colors

#18 Road To Life

#19 Giants Of The Woods

#20 Through The Light

#21 The Garlic Road

#22 Passionate Dust

#23 Under The Shade

#24 Lavender Dreams

#25 Worthy Of A Queen

#26 Paving The Way

#27 Pink In The Mist

#28 The Blue Carpet

#29 A Tiny Hope

#30 Ocean Of Blue

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