Hercule- The charity raiser for homeless people with his unique style of pet portraits!

A lucky man named Phil Heckels (who is also known as Hercule Van Wolfwinkle) has excitingly won his life. He has raised nearly 18k dollars for a homeless charity called Turning Tides. But, what he has done is the quite exciting part, drawing crappy portraits of pets of others.

Hercule has no idea how to be an artist, but suddenly he found his talent while making some thank you cards. First, he designed them and uploaded them to Facebook, and then his friends asked him to doodle some art of their pets. Then his new life started, and you can enjoy Hercule’s drawings through Bored Panda and donate to his charity program too.

Hercule is overwhelming and can’t even believe the positive feedback he is getting from his fans.  He is continuing with drawings while increasing his capacity too.

Poyner from Bored Panda says that; “not only engaging in pet portraits, but Hercule has also increased the awareness of the homeless people in the society. And he believes that nobody should live without a home”. Due to the prevailing Covid pandemic and the near coming winter will impact hundreds of homeless people, and Hercule is trying to smile at these people. What Poyner said was, “Regardless of any concern, everyone has the right to a home,” and they act to fulfill that mission with Hercule’s portraits. Turning Tide is the largest provider of homes for homeless people in West Sussex. With the time of 28 years, they have given their helping hands to thousands of needy people.

Hercule just doodled and shared them on Facebook for free & got hilarious fake reviews at the initial ages. Then he decided to go for a great initiation while raising money for a charity. Now, 10.6k people are following his Facebook page and getting a higher demand for his talents. 

We can simply predict that he will be able to reach the professional artist level with the exceptional talent he has in a quiet time.































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