All-time favorite captures of Wildlife photographer Goran Anastasovski that will capture your heart

Goran Anastasovski is a freelance photographer from Macedonia. His expertise is more than 15 years as a photographer under his belt. Since the start of his career in 2006, he has taken incredible photos. As a nature lover, the focus of his pictures is wildlife, particularly wild animals. The breathtaking images of this talented photographer have earned him a place in many world media.

Goran's most famous photographs come from moments of wildlife he captured in the zoo in Skopje. Those images, along with many other pictures, were published in National Geographic, Le Figaro, Reuters, Nature's Best Photography, Daily Mail, Insider, and Sunday Express. 

The beautiful images also decorated Forbes, Independent, Telegraph, New York Post, and Wild Planet Photo Magazine. Media outlets like CNN, BCC, Daily Star, China Daily, Huffington Post, and many others showed Goran’s talent to the world.

If you go through his collection, you will see many photos of lions, tigers, and leopards. There are moments captured from various poses of these majestic animals in his collection. He has also captured surprisingly relaxed poses and intimate moments of other animals like giraffes and zebras.

After 15 years, Gordan has decided to let us all see his incredible images. The following pictures are his most viewed and shared photos of which he has now shared with everyone. They show Gordan’s passion for wild animals and photography, and they urge us to admire the beauty of nature through his eyes.

Gordan has given scores for each of his creations which you can see at the bottom of each picture. 

Would you agree with the scores, or should they differ? 

Think about it while enjoying these fantastic photographs.


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