The human and rottweiler became a family to an abandoned panther!


Like humans, animals need affection to survive. Unfortunately, Luna, a baby panther in a zoo in Siberia, was not lucky enough to receive love from her mother. For some reason, the mother panther refused to give Luna milk and altogether rejected her. With a slim chance for survival, the baby lost all hope until a kind woman came to her rescue. Having experience in raising cat family members, the woman fed and took care of Luna lovingly.

Day by day, both the panther and the human grew attached, and together they formed a beautiful bond. Knowing that she could give a better life for Luna, the woman bought her from the zoo. At home, Luna found a new friend, the woman’s dog, Venza. Of course, the path to their friendship was not easy. But eventually, both Luna and Venza became best friends. They always play, stroll and enjoy the world together. They became a part of the family, and now Luna lives her life very happily.

Luna with the lady that rescued her!

The woman gave vital vitamins and diet to Luna to make up for the lack of milk.


There are a lot of animal lovers. They may think that anyone can take care of these types of animals like Luna’s guardian did. But it is not like that. Luna’s caretaker is a person with experience in how to take care of these animals. She knows the diet, exercise, and proper care you should follow when taking care of these animals. So, Luna is in good hands receiving all the care and love she needs. If you have pets, be responsible for them like this woman. Give them the attention and love they want and be good companions, just like how this woman did.

After a slow and careful process, Venxz and Luna became best friends.

With great friends and loving care, Luna has grown into a beautiful panther with an adorable personality.

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