A Talented Photographer Takes Once-In-Lifetime Amazing Shot Of The Moon Dressed As Saturn

A shooter in Guatemala had a great chance to take a stunning picture of the moon looking like Saturn.

This beautiful picture was taken From the base camp of the Acatenango volcano; the six-hour walk that photographer Francisco Sojuel took allowed us to see a view that will never come again.

When he looked up at the sky early in the morning before sunrise, he saw this amazing thing suddenly. The moon looked like it was dressed as Saturn to him.

In the lower part of the picture, you can see both the Guatemalan mountains and the outline of Pacaya volcano. Based on what Sojuel said, the cloud looks like a cirrostratus cloud made of ice crystals.

From different points of view, he had seen halos around the moon. It feels like the cloud around us is a mix of thick and fluffy. A cirrostratus fibratus or a cirrus spissatus cloud might be what it is called. Strong winds usually cause these two clouds because they are more comprehensive than the others.

In the world of photos, Sojuel is a well-known figure. He is famous for taking beautiful pictures of the night sky and beautiful landscapes.

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