A person saw the busy little squirrels napping on his window sill

While work was at his house, Ludwig C. Timm saw something strange outside his bathroom window.

"At first, I only saw a few sticks on the window sill. "I thought the wind carried them there," Timm said. "After some days, I realized it was not wind but the squirrels trying to build their small home there."

Timm, a skilled photographer, was thrilled to have the chance to get close to some squirrels and take pictures. That's when he decided to take photos of the squirrel family living in their house on the window sill so we could enjoy them.

Timm took pictures of himself growing up and making the nest and put them on his Facebook page.

He posted a picture of the squirrels daily to show how much they had grown.

One of the things he had was so cute. It showed the squirrel family being cozy together while they slept.

As a result of catching the mice sleeping, I feel lucky. Most of the time, they sleep in the nest. They slept outside, though, because it was hot that day.

This scene is pretty simple. What was exciting for Timm, though, was seeing it up close.

"This is a very interesting coincidence in life," stated Timm.

What a lovely meeting this is! Timm took these beautiful pictures, and we appreciate them. Please share the story and let us know your thoughts about what happened below. Please have a great trip until we see you again!

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