18 curious cases when genetics went crazy and gave people unusual appearance features

Some people have problems with their genes that make them look different. Most of these body traits are passed down from parents to children, but some happen because of genetic flaws. Some of these are vitiligo, heterochromia, eye albinism, and many more. There are many more exciting things about the human body than just these. All of this is possible because of nature, which will always amaze us with how smart it is.

You are welcome to look at a few exciting examples of genes acting in strange ways.

My pupil is constantly dilated.

This guy has an abnormally long tongue.

People say I have big hands. Can of beer for comparison

I have a finger that remains permanently white.

My hands with Marfan syndrome

My facial hair grows in a spiral on one side.

I have a patch of straight hair.

I have incredibly long hair growing on my forehead.

My son has tangled hair syndrome.

My wife has a mole on her palm.

My newborn baby has hairy ears.

I have a skin abnormality called dermographism.

This is what the hair on my newborn son's head looks like

This girl has a mole on her eye, which is why her appearance looks so unusual and attractive.

A child with grey hair. He is in good health.

Cat's eye syndrome

I have an extra tooth growing on the roof of my mouth.

My son has natural vampire teeth, and his favourite food is ketchup. Is it a coincidence?

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