17 mysterious photographs of the past, looking at which you will want to know the details of what is happening in them

There are many unique and influential events in history. Don't worry—most of them would have gotten away from us if people weren't so creative. When cameras came along, they let us take beautiful shots that allow us to remember things that will never happen again. Because of this attention, we can feel the magic of many historical events, and in a way, we go through them.

Please look at a collection of strange old photos that will interest you.

Glurpo is the only clown in the world who performed underwater.

This rather eerie photo was taken in the 1960s at the Aquarena Springs amusement park in San Marcos, Texas, USA. This is where Glurpo worked.

Couple on pilgrimage in Mexico, 1940

In Mexico, religious traditions are taken extremely seriously. Every year, at the end of January and beginning of February, a significant pilgrimage takes place to the San Juan de los Lagos shrine. However, pilgrims do not just travel a long way on foot but subject themselves to many trials and hardships. They may not eat, not drink, deprive themselves of clothing, and even vision (like, for example, the woman in the photo).
Prototype horse-drawn carriage motorcycle, early 1900s

Device for increasing height

Gino Franceschini from New York was faced with a lack of several centimeters in height, which prevented him from becoming a firefighter. In 1941, he made a rather strange device for the neck. It should have fixed this problem. Gino managed to increase his height somewhat, but these changes still needed to be improved to qualify.

Alfred Langevin was a man who could smoke a pipe with his eyes.

Miracle Man lived in Detroit, Michigan, in the 1930s. The reason for his unusual abilities remains unknown but is likely due to an abnormal lacrimal gland development. 

Women use plastic devices to protect their faces from snow storms. Canada, Montreal, 1939

Walkie-talkie wearing a straw hat, made by an American inventor in 1931

German doll of the 17th century

Many older dolls were made from unstable materials, so they needed additional support in the form of stands. This design looked quite intimidating.

A clown from 1914 in an unusual costume

The main task of this artist was not to amuse the children but to scare them into a faint state. Look at the boots in the shape of bare feet; what do you think of the butterfly in the form of human hands? Isn't it cute?

Silent film star Harold Lloyd and his huge Christmas tree, the 1960s

The actor purchased several large trees, tied them together, and then decorated them with toys. One such tree could fit up to 5,000 decorations.

Ainu woman with a smile tattoo on her face, 1960

Women of the Japanese Ainu people have been tattooing themselves with a strange tattoo in the form of a smile for more than 10 thousand years. It was believed that it protects the owner from evil forces. Over time, the government banned this procedure because it was associated with significant health risks. The last such tattoo was applied in 1998.

Oral X-ray machine, 1920s

A mother uses a trash can to hold her baby while cropping, 1969.

Today, this woman clearly would not be able to fight off the crowd of haters who would all film her on their phones and post the resulting pictures on social networks. Times have changed a lot. Today, a trash can is not a suitable playpen for children.

Walking with a domestic goose in New York, 1930

Vintage photo of an Arab girl wearing a hijab, 1925

Masterly hairstyle created using two electric clippers, 1965

The author of the work is stylist Philip Mason. It took him two whole days to realize his idea.

Woman in the Wild West wearing a hat and mask designed to protect her skin from the sun's rays, 1903


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