17 girls who really wanted to get stylish and fashionable eyebrows, but something went wrong

Sacrifice is needed for beauty. And eyebrows are often the ones who suffer this way. Yes, this part of your look has always been noticed and normal. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, thread eyebrows were famous. A few years later, tattoos became popular. And finally, broad, thick eyebrows have become popular in the last ten years. But some girls went even further and were so excited about the change that they broke all the rules and devised their way to make brow lines look good, which not everyone liked. You are welcome to look at some of these rather strange beauty tests.

When I went a little overboard with my eyebrow pencil

Seagull eyebrows never seem to go out of style.

Removed my eyebrows to draw two lines

An image that cannot be forgotten

They almost met

Some people like thinner eyebrows, while others like wider ones.

How I want to pick it up and stroke it

Eyebrows are as sharp as arrows.

A little longer, and it will be just right.

Instagram* eyebrows in all their glory. Of course, eyelashes are just a little behind here, too.

No eyebrows - no problem


I took a little wrong turn.

Signature eyebrow

Fluffy enough? So it's fashionable!

Dancing eyebrows

What do you know about big eyebrows?


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