Unique traditional hats from around the world (10 Photos )

Every culture on Earth has traditions and clothes people wear on special occasions. In this case, we'd like to talk about a specific piece of clothing: a hat. It's amazing how different and strange they are. Let us take a look.


In France in the 1900s, the headdress became more common. This open-worked high cap can grow up to 40 cm tall.


A traditional hat from Indonesia that is made from bone horn, bamboo, and palm leaves. People in the area no longer remember why she has to have such a strange shape because this hat is so old.
Longhorn Miao Hat

The Miao, who have long horns, are a group of people in China. His traditional hat is made of a horn, knitted hair, and threads. They made this piece of clothes by winding the hair that had fallen out of girls from several generations of the tribe around the animal's horn. The final pattern was held together with threads. It's strong enough to keep 6 kg.


Indian women from the Himalayas wear hats. It is made up of a strip of leather lined with cloth and has turquoise and lapis lazuli stones. Perak is a trait that is passed down through families. People think that he can keep evil forces away.


Peruvian people wear hats that are traditionally made. What kind of person wears a hat can be told by how it's colored and shaped.

Wodabe hat

They are a group that lives in Nigeria. Men are the only ones who can wear their traditional hats with colored leather pieces and have to wear bright makeup with them.


A tall, ornate hat worn by monarchs in Southeast Asian countries to show their power. It is made of gold or wrapped in gilding and has a pointy shape. The Thai theater is where you can see it most often these days.


A traditional Hasidic hat with a lot of fur around the edges. They were only worn at essential events.


A cap made of indigo that keeps out wind, sand, and evil spirits. A spirit. Tauregs often do this. Men are the only ones who wear it constantly, even while they sleep or eat.


Native American headdress made of feathers. Roach has a solid connection to Native Americans because of Westerns. It would be weird to put this handmade traditional hat on this list.

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