17 cases when the gods of Photoshop went overboard with their desire to look perfect and irresistible

Photoshop is one of the most famous tools for editing photos, so many people use it. It lets you change your look, eliminate flaws, make colours look better, and make your own effects. People from all walks of life do it sometimes, even famous people. What can we say about other people?

However, Photoshop can be abused, just like any other tool. Because some people don't have a sense of balance, sometimes they don't even think about it. Because of this, there are a lot of funny pictures on the Internet that have nothing to do with being real or natural.

Long-legged beauty

Something went wrong here.

Why do people think this is beautiful and believable?

True Grace

This girl claims she never uses filters. Yes, yes, that's what we believed.

Absolute realism would be excellent.

Where are the pores?

Sometimes, even men can't resist the magic of Photoshop.

Why do her abs look like buns?

This girl looks like a collage of at least four different people.

Looks like there's something wrong with this guy's eyes.

What she posts and what she looks like in real life

Very "realistic" abs

When you always dreamed of becoming a model

Fan of alien beauty

This girl dreams of becoming completely weightless. It's good that it's just Photoshop.

What her friend posted and what she posted. Khitrusha


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