16 photos from a very attentive street photographer from China who deftly captures funny moments

When we hear the word "street photography," we immediately think of a severe way to take pictures of people in the city who are moving quickly. But Edas Wong, a Chinese documentary photographer, shows this style differently. Every day, he walks around Hong Kong's streets and finds funny and strange connections between people and the city's concrete jungle. He never seems bored in his writing! Check out the pictures that this very careful shooter took for yourself!

Attention attention! Herma is speaking... Asia!

The intrigue club is declared open.

A little loose in the hips


The matrix has failed.

The amazing is nearby.

I need your Crocs and motorcycle!

How durable is your suit, Spidey?

I'm in the house. I'm in the place!

Not a princess, but a princess!

Tin foil hats are no longer in fashion.

Ghost Rider 2.0

Man, why are we sitting and being sad?

Let's sit and talk like boys.

Coachman, touch it!

Looks like he's trying to give some sign

Salt to your taste

KinWing Edas Wong

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