14 wonderful parodies of famous characters from a blogger from the USA who knows what to surprise you with on Halloween

Blogger Eleanor Barnes goes by the name Snitchery on her social networks. She has been cosplaying and trying out different makeup looks for almost eight years. But she's not like most cosplayers because she intentionally makes her costumes in a hilarious and silly way. She likes figures from cartoons and anime. She often doesn't miss a chance to show how feminine she is, even in pictures that make her look severe or masculine. Eleanor's work, which is based on the ridiculous, makes people admire her creativity and beauty.

Patrick in pantyhose

Smart BMo

The Babadook

Kirby the Cowboy

Skeletor - He-Man's archenemy

Gary the Snail

One piece

The bespectacled man is a character from the cartoon "SpongeBob SquarePants."

And here's SpongeBob himself

Cosplay on meme

Ryuk - character from Death Note

Kevin, sea cucumber

Walter White



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