This teacher missed her 23 students so much that she knitted tiny dolls of each

Even though most parents are at least a little bit upset that schools are closed because of the pandemic and miss having a few hours to themselves, few people understand that many teachers have their reasons to be upset as well. Not only did they have to change everything about how they taught to teach online, but they also missed their students. Because of the pandemic, this Dutch first-grade teacher missed her students so much that she had the cutest idea to knit a tiny, cute doll for each of her 23 students.

Miss Ingeborg Meinster-Van der Duin missed her first-grade kids a lot while she was in quarantine.

Most kids liked not having to go to school at first, but that feeling didn't last long because they missed seeing their friends and teachers and playing outside during break. Many teachers miss being able to teach in a classroom where they don't have to deal with all the nonsense that comes with online teaching. Miss Ingeborg Meinster-Van der Duin, a first-grade teacher at the Dr. H. Bavinck school in Haarlem, Netherlands, was distraught that she couldn't see her students every day. "Everything was up and running when the school shut down. This is how it all hit me. The kids were not in school anymore. She said, "I miss them so much."

She came up with the cutest way to get over missing her students.

Miss Ingeborg decided she had to do something about it, so she came up with the cute idea of knitting little toys for each of her 23 students. She had seen dolls like that on Pinterest and thought, "Why not make one myself?" The teacher gave each student's doll clothes that fit their style. Boys who liked to wear dark clothes got dark sweaters, and girls who always wore cardigans got cardigans. Everything was thought of, even glasses and spots. Miss Ingeborg worked on each doll for about three to four hours.
She made 23 cute little dolls, one for each of her 23 students, to show how much she cared about them.

The teacher made the dolls with such care that the kids immediately knew who they were when she showed them to the class. The only thing the kids wanted to know was where Miss Ingeborg was. So, she knitted for a few more hours and made a small doll for herself as well. "I hide this. I'll also make dolls for the next class next year. Some coworkers have already asked me if I want to teach their classes. "But I don't have time for that," she said.

And I even made a cute little doll that looks like her.

When the kids came to the school individually to get the things they had left behind before the coronavirus lockdown, she could see her favourite students again, at least for a little while. She gave the toys to the kids, and they were so happy to see them in person. Each doll is about 10 centimetres tall and looks so much like a person that there is no question who it is.

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