A designer makes a list of the dos, don'ts, and "please don'ts" of men's fashion.

Style is up to the person. Fashion and ideas are constantly changing. But these changes in manner happen more slowly for guys than for women. Men have been wearing hoodies with crew necks for 50 years, and no one has really said anything wrong about it.

Men do stand up sometimes, though. They get rid of their Rick & Morty t-shirts and try to make things more interesting. They often go too far, which is sad.

Jessica Saia, a funny writer, made a list of the "shoulds" and "should nots" of men's clothes. Men need help with almost everything, but "how to talk at length about Bitcoin" isn't one of them. Here to help is Jessica Saia. I got to talk to her about this piece and what she's working on right now.

This is how she started the first piece: "Fashion is a slippery slope, and if American Apparel has taught me anything, it's that we're only a few seasons away from a deep V that ends at the Earth's mantle." How far are guys willing to go? I hope Jessica can stop them before things get out of hand.

Here are some funny men's fashion dos, don'ts, and please don't:

1. How to wear cutoff shorts.

Strange things are going on in America. Now that the pandemic has been going on for a year, I wanted to know if anything had changed in terms of dress since we don't see other people all that often.

Even now, Jessica knows there's a balance between style and comfort: "Sometime last summer, during the pandemic, my mom sent me a pair of shoes that are ugly but very comfy. Simply, wow. Wow, both the nasty and the nice. They look like... I don't know what to call them. They look like scrunched-up, two-toned socks that are connected to big black plastic soles with an air bubble in the heel. She saw an ad for them online, and to get a deal, you had to buy three pairs of the same size at once. I have no idea why, but I can't stop wearing these WEIRD SHOES. When I walk around with sunglasses on, people look twice and stare. They would be excellent in some way. They aren't.

2. Teaching men how to wear a watch.

3. The infamous V-neck.

When Jessica wrote the piece, she knew that the deep V would keep getting bigger. I asked her if she had any fashion pet peeves right now, and she gave me an obvious answer: "I'm annoyed that parasols aren't more popular yet. YET!!"

When I asked if the pandemic helped or hurt her busy parody writing, she didn't hesitate to tease a cutting-edge new video project: "I've been working on a music video of my friend whistling. COVID has made it worse for sure."

4. Here’s how to wear sandals, guys.

Jessica has worked on a lot of funny projects, but her best might be the letters she and her friend Luke Foss made about how beautiful (but maybe overrated?) San Francisco is.

When I asked Jessica what her best project was, she told me a sweet story: "This was more of a joke than a parody, but my fiance Ryan and I often go to a thrift store in the area. He looks at the works all the time. When we were leaving one day, he said to me, "I just know that one day I'll find a great painting there."

"About a year later, I sent a professional artist a picture of a shelf in his room that had all of his best things on it. He calls it his "shrine area," and I asked him to paint a two-foot still life of it. It took me months to finish, but when I did, I asked the secondhand store to put it up with their other art. Then, I asked Ryan for lunch in a relaxed way. This was before COVID. We saw it on our way to the restaurant and stopped in on a whim. I couldn't breathe the whole time. On his way out, he finally stopped to look at the paintings, and when he did, he let out the most dramatic gasp I've ever heard.

"It was just like a BAD PLAY! I got to see his brain explode right in front of me. "Is this...my room? I own this!"  Oh my God, it was terrific. My friend hid in a clothes rack and filmed it, and I've seen the video well over a hundred times.

5. The choice of glasses and the way you wear them count, men.

6. Do not do this.

More Info & credit - jessicasaia.com

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