30 sentences That Are Complete (But Funny) Nonsense if read normally

It takes work to make a sign. You always start way too strong, then realize you don't have as much room as you thought, and from there, everything goes downhill. If you're not artistic, it's hard to do beautiful things. It's important to know that you can literally throw something away and start over if it doesn't work out. You don't really have to hang it up.

Someone should have told these people about the message. It's clear they just made a sign once and stuck it on their wall. You can figure out what's going on with these signs if you have their artistic vision, but if you read them from left to right, they need to be clarified.

Don't forget that the "Don't Dead, Open Inside" doors in the first season of The Walking Dead blew our minds—great job, guys, who make sets.

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