17 odd things from designers who don't understand the concept of adequacy

When looking for something fun and exciting on the Internet, you might make a mistake and end up in a place that makes things confusing and hard to understand. We're talking about areas with a lot of strange and sometimes scary content that has exceeded what is acceptable. And so you can see what you're talking about, we'd like to invite you to a spot with strange and funny design parts. So, welcome to the world of weird design, a collection of pictures of evil plans and strange things that will make you laugh and think.

Dress of cabbage

But this kind of gear can only be mixed up with something else.

This could be a way to get kids to eat their veggies. 

All set to take off.

Jeans that make you trip

No more building up 

shaped like hands

From a taxidermy point of view, it's done well, but it's still wrong.

Diapers for a child who is a mutant

How gravity works

It looks like Pinocchio is lying once more.

Karbofos carried a stool on his back, but this guy was more comfy.

Similar to the legs of the main characters in the 1989 movie The Witches after they became zombies.

Even though the monkey doesn't like it much, no one asks him.

We don't even care what they're trying to sell here.

It should have been Moon Knight from the same-named series.

Socks with tie-dye patterns look like they were used as toilet paper.

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