Women who are dating shorter guys share pictures of themselves in a popular Twitter thread.

It doesn't matter what size. I didn't mean that at all. Height is what I meant! Yes, your height doesn't show whether you're a good person. You're still great, even if you're shorter (we call focused awesomeness). Also, just because you're bigger doesn't mean you're good. But most women (and voters!) still like big guys.

People talked about dating tall and short men after Lizz Adams shared a picture of her "king" husband, who is only 5'5" (165 cm), and she looks so much taller than him. On the other hand, she and her husband thought that big guys were just bad people. Many cute couples shared pictures of themselves with their shorter partners, while others clarified that your height has nothing to do with who you are. Scroll down to read an exclusive chat with comedian Lizz. In it, she clears up some misunderstandings and discusses what her Twitter thread is for.

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There were a lot of shares of Lizz's picture with her shorter husband.

Some dating people also share pictures of their partners where the guy is shorter.

Here’s what some people thought of Lizz’s tweets

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