A Brazilian dentist, Felipe Rossi, travels the world to treat the teeth of poor people for free and here are amazing transformations.

Some people can't help but do good things. Felipe Rossi, who started Por1sorriso, is one of them. Felipe is a Brazilian doctor who has gone around the world with groups of volunteers to give free dental care to people who can't usually afford it. Some of his life-changing smile changes have already been shown on Bored Panda. Here are the most current ones.

In 2016, the NGO Por1sorriso was set up. Felipe and his team of 18 people can keep making a difference in people's lives because of the help they get from volunteers, money from sponsors, and funding. Por1sorriso was created for people who live in poor neighborhoods and places, mainly in East Africa and Brazil.

People feel good inside and outside when they have healthy, beautiful teeth. They become more sure of themselves and hopeful. People who don't have much have a reason to smile again because of Felipe. See how happy and bright their looks are. It's wild how much power a smile can have.

More Info - Instagram / por1sorriso.org / youtube

Source - boredpanda

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