21 People Who Are Really Confused About Fashion

How someone dresses is usually one of the first things, you notice about them. Clothing shows a lot about a person's personality; everyone has style preferences. Some might seem strange to you, but others are just plain funny. In the end, clothes are just a way for people to express themselves, and we shouldn't judge their style just because it's different from what we see on the runway.

Positive Flow created some exciting pictures of people who rock their unique style.

1. Pigeon Lady from Home Alone 2?


Kyoto Ohata, a Japanese shoemaker, made pigeon shoes made of two feathers and shoes.

2. Can you pick it up on your own?

You can't just walk in with your sweetheart to IKEA.

3. When you need help deciding what to wear.


Shorts with long sleeves are ready. Wow, you needed a long-sleeved shirt?

4. The guy with the pepperoni pants, Britney shirt, and hubcap


Taking everything into account, Britney, he should be your biggest fan.

5. Walking like a woman to your yoga class.

If you wear your yoga mat on your head, you can use your hands to put on your hair accessories and rings.

6. Boots worn in the desert and on ski trails.


Mexican guys wear these kinds of shoes in an amusing and comedic way.

7. I don't know if he's a hipster or a satyr.

All that fake hide should keep him so warm.

8. Something that combines a design model and a traffic cone.

The person who created it must have spent too much time in the math study hall.

9. He's always trying to keep up with a few different styles.


All of the things that happen in Africa stay in Africa.

10. Boots made of flip-flop


You could choose UGGs, Crocs, or these.

11. "These just arrived at work... 


Where does he work, and why do they have this rule about what people can wear there?

12. "It's hard to tell where the hair ends and the coat begins."


Poor Wookiee…

13. Why would he bring this thing to a show?

Hardstyle music could be better.

14. Fish flips


What would you rather eat, fish or salmon?

15. At some point, you choose comfort over style.

16. She has on a jean jacket, in actuality.


Refrain from restyling old jeans. Just go out and buy another coat.

17. This is the main explanation that makes sense.

Does he have to change to get his phone out of his pocket?

18. So many questions.


Are the horses on his shorts and underwear meant to go together?

19. Your clothes should show how you feel and where you are going.

She's going backwards.

20. Going grocery shopping in a pepita print from head to toe.


We have a feeling that their clothes don't go together.

21. So make!


No matter what, the cat looks cool.

We think I.  Or, on the other hand, have you ever seen someone wearing such crazy clothes? 

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