15 Smart People Who Clean Floors With Sense

Children start to learn to think critically around age 3, but the people on this list have skipped that whole step.

1. "Professor, I think that Tommy is broke."

2. I was told that bananas are food that gives you energy.

3. Cucumber with cola

4. "I bet I can do this all in one go!"

5. Using a public phone in the year 2022

6. Uber is doing well.

7. "The wife said that we will have Mexican food for dinner tonight."

8. It's almost Thanksgiving.

9. We got a new car mechanic. He's a bit strange.

10. Meals on Wheels!

11. The unknown

12. Why get one laptop when you can get two?

13. I think she has the beauty part down.

14. That's a way to deal with bags!

15. Why is that?

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