14 pictures that prove that women's intelligence has no limits

Women look weak, but they have more power than men realize. They are more intelligent than the guys, keep things under control, and can find the perfect picture angle in just a few seconds. Look at these pictures to learn about these girls' unique abilities.

1. "My boyfriend's mother asked me to get married to him."

2. It's so hard.

3. When you know what real smarts are

4. "This woman was painting her black car in the middle of Walmart parking lot."

5. Changes that happen to girls

6. When you tell your boyfriend you're only going to bring a few of your things to his house

7. When you asked her what she wanted to order three times

8. When your guy lets you pick the pizza

9. When you find a good reason to stay in bed a little longer

10. "My girlfriend took this picture to prove that I dress like an old man..."

11. When you wash your hair and find out the truth

12. Suddenly friend zone

13. This is something all girls do.

14. This girl dresses like an old lady to show she is old enough to buy alcohol.

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