These 14 pictures are more confusing than a Rubik's cube

Some everyday things can instantly change into things that make you gasp. You just have to look long enough to see something you haven't seen before. When we finally stop to look, things start to get interesting. These 14 people were in the right place at the right time to experience a lot of confusion.

1."My dog's face resembles my sister's."

2. "The wind and backlight from the sunset made it look like my hair was on fire."

3. "The mix of a cat and a snake."

4. "Grumpy old man."

5. "The soup my son made"

6. "Get ready for a small man who is way up high.

7. "This picture of my friend's daughter makes her look like she's floating and is missing both legs."

8. "Hot dog eye."

9. "My wife's nose turned up."

10. "I was almost going to step on the cat."

11. "I saw a rabbit and a witch while watching the sunset."

12. "Look at my little sister's arm...err...leg?"

13. "A hot bowl of noodle soup with homemade pork wontons!"

14. "Family selfie—I don't have legs."

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