Vera Wang, who is 73 years old, talks about how the world is crazy about her timeless beauty.

People were stunned when a photo of Vera Wang showing off her toned abs went viral, and everyone saw it. Now, the 73-year-old designer has given her honest opinion on this crazy excitement, and you might be surprised by how she feels about it. Also, Wang's interesting view on getting older could completely change how we see women in their seventies today.

The picture that set it all 


In May 2020, when she was 70 years old, the famous designer shared a photo on Instagram of herself wearing a cropped sports bra, white shorts, and a sparkly hair accessory from her fashion line. The picture got more than 34,000 likes and many comments, most of which were people telling her how young she looked and asking about her secret for having such a great body.

Wang says, "I don't get it." when asked what all the fuss is about.

Wang said that the famous picture was taken in a natural, unplanned way. She said, "If we had planned something like this, it would've never happened."

When a friend asked to take her picture, the 73-year-old woman said she was just getting ready to use the machine.

We can look great no matter how old we are.


Wang also talked about how people were surprised by how young she looked. "I guess people have an idea of what 70 looks like today," she said. So many of my friends between the ages of 65 and 70 look great.

The wedding dress creator added, "I hope it makes women feel better about themselves or more confident. There are many ways to be a confident woman."

Her Secret to looking beautiful


Wang's beautiful pictures on Instagram daily continue to make people interested in her. Most readers can't help but ask, "Tell us where the fountain of youth is, please."

But the designer's secrets aren't that hard to figure out and aren't hard to follow either.
The famous designer thinks that "working keeps you young." She said, "It keeps your mind young, your spirit up, your relevance up, which I think affects your body."


She also says that "sleep" and "staying out of the sun without sunblock" are good ways to keep looking young.

Wang also says that "good lighting," which she says "is everything" for a good shot, is very important.



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