30 Things that crazy girls do that are hard to explain

Raise your hand if someone has ever called you. "Girl! You are crazy." Don't be shy. Come on! You're not the only one. At some point in their lives, others have also been there.

Sometimes, girls can, Oh no! They often need help to guess. They do some weird and strange things. Things like being rude and angry with men who treat them as well as they can or saying "no" when they mean "yes" and "yes" when they mean "no." On top of that, most girls don't even know themselves. They have strong feelings, move around a lot, and can sometimes be stupid. You might think we're being too harsh, but hear us out. We have pictures to prove how horrible our argument is!

Here are 30 pictures of crazy things that girls do that are hard to understand. Scroll down, people, and have fun! Remember to send this post to all of the women you know so you can all laugh together.

Looks fishy.

Have you ever seen 3D assets?

Adding up your weight

I went to the store to buy that.

Sunbathing in Russia is different.

Because you have to keep up with Megan

Most of us are not as lucky as the snake.

You wish you were as big as them.

They won't ever get it.

When people pay more attention to the dog than to you

Women shouldn't drive because of this.

This is how things go wrong.

What NOT to do with a gun

When the subway wants you to "feel at home."

When you don't care what happens in the story

Why does she bother to pose?

On-the-go hair styling

I paid too much for shades.

what a skill

Problems with bathing in America

Happy with the flip

This is the best thing I've seen so far today.

Noodle fest

Every bad thing has a woman to blame.

When your crush tags other women in-jokes you like

Wait a minute!

Get the message?

I would slow down for that.

Tennis is played the wrong way.

Too strong of a leg game

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