20 Times Instagrammers' Photoshop Abilities Make Us Go 'Hmmmm.'

Strange, "surreal" photos from Photoshop addicts have never stopped surprising people on Instagram. Some people do it just to get noticed and get compliments on their perfect images. But, unfortunately, not every time Photoshop is abused is for something so simple. Many people are unhappy with how they look in real life, so they edit their photos to make them look ridiculous.

Here are 20 Instagram users who have gone too far with filters that make their skin smoother than silk, their legs 130cm long, and their eyes so big that they could scare away even the Evil Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood! That's 20 times overkill. Instagrammers' Photoshop skills make us 'hmmm'.

1. "All of her photos have a lot of face-tweaking, but this one is way too much."

2. "They might not notice."

3. "This picture is not normal at all.."

4. "I saw this while I was looking up references to hairstyles."

5. "Cabinets for the kitchen by Salvador Dal."

6. "They say I caught one in the wild. In my country, he is a very shady lawyer."

7. "I mean… Who cares about organs anyway."

8. "This girl is known for calling people ugly on Facebook and says she doesn't edit her pictures. LOL"

9. "This is what I call the Dorito Body."

10. "How does this look like her backside?! At this point, it just looks like two balloons."

11. "This is the mom of a girl I went to school with. This kind of thing is all over her Instagram."

12. "I don't like the "snatched waist" look at all. It looks so strange and pointless. We're not plastic barbies, so don't have too high of hopes for us."

13. "Hot dog fingers strike again."

14. "Out of whack proportions."

15. "I can't stand this one girl, but I had to follow her because the editing was so crazy."

16. "Excuse me, but..."

17. "Instagram vs court date."

18. "I don't like this girl.

19. "Where I live, this person is running for mayor."

20. "The more you look at it, the stranger it seems."

Images Source - aubtu.biz

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