20 Instagrammers Who Exposed Their Photos Public After Excessively Editing Them

The rise of selfies has completely changed how we think about beauty. It has made it harder to tell what is real and fake, and what is real and what is made up. When filters and other ways to change pictures were first added to social media, everyone was having fun.

Using augmented reality face filters already made, kids as young as ten can now airbrush their selfies, usually making their faces and bodies look sharper, smaller, and better. But most of the time, the result could be more pretty. And now, many social media influencers are getting caught making up fake identities and changing who they are by using these filters.

It's no secret that some people take this fakery to the extreme, where the r/InstagramReality group comes in. On its page, the subreddit says, "It's crazy how some people get away with it, and others don't."

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