10 Social Media Influencers Who Treat Their "Imperfections" Like Bosses

We keep up with or follow many people who have accounts on different social media sites and post photos online. Most of these influencers are so great that people start following them as soon as they check out their profiles. An influencer cum model's principal assets are beauty and a great body. If you don't have that and are average, your chances automatically go down. This might be true for most people, but not those who are influential because of their flaws. People have made their spots their strengths and shown them off on social media. This makes them unique and different from the rest of the crowd.

Here are a few influential people whose flaws make them stand out.

1. Kali Kushner

This model posts photos of herself with acne on social media. She doesn't use makeup or photoshop to hide it.

2. Salem Mitchell

People think getting freckles is one of the worst things that can happen, but many people have them. Salem was picked on when she posted photos for the first time, which gave her the courage to show off her freckles.
3. Kellie Scott

Kellie has female-pattern baldness, which is also called androgenetic alopecia. She wears wigs and toppers sometimes to feel better about herself.

4. Karina Irby

Karina has a lot of cellulite, as you can see. He sometimes writes in the captions of his photos, "I think of my eczema as a superpower!"

5. Winnie Harlow

Harlow has the skin condition vitiligo. This disease causes spots on the skin that are pinkish-white in color. Sometimes this disease can be cured, but if it isn't taken care of, it can become permanent and make the whole body the same color.

6. Megan Jayne Crabbe

Megan had anorexia and often posts photos of her journey on her social media.

7. Lauren Neate

Lauren has a disease called alopecia, which attacks hair follicles. She wears wigs sometimes, but she prefers to be bald most of the time.

8. Ave Evita Patcey Delmundo

Evita has so many moles that it's almost like she has a disease. But she loves herself and embraces her uniqueness on Instagram, with over 100,000 followers.

9. Laura O’Grady

Laura's ears are big and almost like elf ears if you know what I mean. Her uniqueness made designers and photographers want to work with her and launch her career.

10. Naomi Campbell

Patient with traction alopecia Naomi got the disease because she used hair extensions, did very tight hairstyles, and wore her hair in afro braids. Her hair has improved over time, and she hopes it will get better all the way.

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