A bear stands up to drivers on the road and looks like a person in a bear costume

A video of a bear in Romania who stood up to drivers on the road has gone viral & gotten thousands of comments on Facebook. A driver who saw the whole thing and had a camera with him took the video. It was put on Daily Mail Animals last week, and millions of people looked at it in just one day.

Screenshot / Daily Mail Animals

At the start of the video, you can see a bear standing like a person and saying hello to drivers. Even though he has the whole forest to do what he wants, he chooses to cause trouble on the road. He then stops to rest by sitting in the middle of the road.

Screenshot / Daily Mail Animals

His behavior slows down traffic and makes drivers careful to avoid him. The brave cub doesn't care at all about the cars. He likes to watch them drive by. He looks so pleased with himself for stopping all these cars. After a few minutes of staring at the vehicles, he returns to his family.

Screenshot / Daily Mail Animals

The video ends with the family returning to the forest to find a new place to sleep.

Watch The Video Here :

Someone said, "It's great to see wild bears in Romania that aren't locked up in small cages with rings through their noses!"

Screenshot / Daily Mail Animals

Today, more than 10,000 bears are kept in bile farms in Southeast Asia, where they are hurt and suffer daily. But many bears have been saved by rescue groups and moved to sanctuaries. They need space and a place to live. People have NO RIGHT to get in the way of their lives.

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