22 Times People Who Got Surprised by Fate

These people know better than anyone else that life is full of surprises. They were so shocked that they couldn't keep it a secret from everyone else. Some people saw a rabbit alone on a bus, while others saw a pigeon in a frying pan. And these aren't even the most surprising examples in this essay!

1. If you catch a fish, you get free frog legs.

2. "This happens when I try to surprise my wife by taking a bath..."

3. Don't annoy Siri

4. When we opened the electrical panel, we saw

5. Someone put a toy in front of the camera, and this is what we saw:

6. Do you want to make your husband happy? Take a beautiful picture of his car as it sinks!

7. "I told her there was a surprise waiting for her in the bedroom."

8. "My portable charger for my cell phone can charge itself."

9. Guests were being served breakfast.

10. "As soon as I was done carving the pumpkin, I forgot what I was making."

11. This rock was painted to look like a shark by someone.

12. When Amazon blows you away

13. Show me your ticket, please.

14. This is not funny at all.

15. This business knows how to make women happy.

16. Better late than never

17. When your man knows what it means to be romantic

18. When you look out of your cold window and see:

19. "FedEx made a mistake and sent my shoes to the house next door. When I went to her house, I saw this... I don't know what to say."

20. "There's a bunny on my bus."

21. "My grandmother bought the same dress for me and me to wear to my cousin's wedding.

22. "When I went to the kitchen, I saw this guy."

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