15 Photos Captured at the Most Appropriate Moment

Getting the perfect picture can sometimes require ideal lighting, a high-end professional camera, and a skilled photographer. Even if you only have a regular cell phone, there are times when you want to take a picture. These 15 pictures show you how an image should be taken. Some might be hard to understand, but they are all brilliant.

1. The water is so clear and still that it makes this man look like he has two skins.

2. It's a cat in the air or...

3. I wonder if this man has a baby's hand or if the baby has a very long hand.

4. This guy's bag looks like someone sleeping.

5. "Ring almost gave me a heart attack when it told me someone was at my front door."

6. I need to find out where this man's other parts are.

7. "The lama-woman needs to be fed."

8. The perfect fit

9. Can't tell which head belongs to him

10. This truck was outside, parked.

11. I shaved the arm of the cat.

12. "I was watching a show when the doorbell rang. When I returned, I thought someone had put a mirror over my screen!"

13. There are two pictures here.

14. "It looks like these limes are floating."

15. "The wife is sleeping under the newspaper. This scared me for a moment.

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