15 Images of Makeup-Wearing Male Celebs Without Their Makeup On

Men who are famous and wear makeup are a rare breed. They're confident enough to look a little silly for the sake of fashion, but that look starts to become a mask that their fans get used to, so when they show up without their makeup on, it can be a little shocking. We shouldn't be so surprised that when guys don't wear makeup, they look like guys. Even though their eyes aren't as bright, and they all have enough bags under their eyes to fill a 747, that's how guys look, right? Interestingly, some of these guys look the same with or without guyliner, while others look different when they put on makeup. It's a natural wonder.

It can be strange to see male celebrities and actors without makeup, especially if we're used to seeing them with eyeliner and lots of hairsprays. But you must realize that these well-groomed men need to take a break from their beauty routine every once in a while and just let their hair down. It must be annoying if you're a famous guy who wears a lot of makeup because everyone expects you always to look good. They can only go to their neighborhood bar if they put on some foundation. Find out what your favorite male celebrities who wear makeup look like without their favorite products.

1. Pete Wentz

2. Johnny Depp

3. Marilyn Manson

4. Russell Brand

5. Boy George

6. Steven Tyler

7. Gene Simmons

8. Noel Fielding

9. Nikki Sixx

10. Jared Leto

11. Tim Minchin

12. Adam Lambert

13. Davey Havok

14. Brandon Flowers

15. RuPaul


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