15 Strange Pictures You Need to Look at Twice

You can't always believe what your eyes tell you. For example, look at these photos taken at just the perfect time.

We found some fascinating pictures that you should look at.

And then look again with a closer look.

1. The water is so clear that you must look at it twice.

2. A pleasant surprise at the dentist's office.

3. The joke point of view is that the dog looks like a huge animal.

4. A sad thing that Fred Flintstone left behind?

5. We've looked at this more than once and are still shocked.

6. Another peaceful choice, if you don't mind slugs.

7. You can change eye shadow. On the other hand, cut up

8. Take a closer look at how this young woman styles her hair.

9. Just a fun trick of the eye in Paris.

10. How could we stop seeing this now?

11. At first glance, this looks dangerous, but it's just a toy train.

12. It was just a trick done with hex keys.

13. I hope that no one will jump in there.

14. This is not a work of art; it's a mirror.

15. I don't know what's going on here.

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