Funny Dads Who Got It Right When It Came to Fatherhood

Being a parent is a significant job. Mothers and fathers are very different and play an essential role in a child's life. They both care about their kids and want to give them the best things they can. But moms and dads have very different ways of doing things. Most of the time, moms worry more about their kids and try to keep them in line, while dads try to have more fun with their families by playing games.

Dads do their best to be good dads all the time. They don't mind doing silly and weird things to make their whole family laugh, whether making a living, playing with kids, or making up dad jokes. We've found the funniest pictures that perfectly show what it's like to be a dad. We are sure that they will make you laugh out loud. Please scroll down to see them and vote for the ones you like. Also, please don't be shy about telling us about funny things you've been through.

1. Like son, like father

2. Men running for "Dad of the Year."

3. How to get your child to go when they don't want to

4. My friend's dad took away her phone and put this under her door.

5. My dad got a toaster that makes his face look like a piece of toast

6. Everyone is fine

7. My friend ran out of lunch bags, and his father is a police officer.

8. My dad and uncle found my cousin's hair extensions and sent glamour shots to the family.

9. This is how the father gives money to his children.

10. How to keep your children busy

11. How to walk your kid in Canada

12. A dad is a dad at a supermarket

13. Every year, my dad gives all of us kids $100 in a strange way, but this year he went all-in.

14. Graduation gift from dad

15. For his first Halloween, my son was Joe Rogan.

16. Advice I wish I'd known sooner

17. Dad being a dad

18. My dad thought he was all by himself at home. I had to find out what was so funny...

19. This dad came up with a way to fix a problem.

20. Security for Dad

21. How does this work?

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