After getting a new prosthetic beak, this parrot got a second chance at life.

A parrot with a badly broken beak was found and saved in Brazil. But luckily, a centre for rehabilitating animals in Brazil was able to build the poor bird a prosthetic beak that works perfectly. This gave the bird a second chance at life.

The most important thing a bird has is its beak, which it uses to gather and break up food. They also use it to find something to build nests with and to defend their territory. Because of this, a bird can't live without its strong beak. But what happens if a bird's bill gets damaged for some reason?

Vet Makes This Parrot With a Badly Damaged Beak a Prosthetic Beak to Save It

From a medical point of view, the bones in a bird's bill are connected to its skull. So, if the bill breaks or gets cut off, it won't grow back. Without this important body part, most birds wouldn't be able to survive in the wild. They wouldn't be able to eat, build a nest, or protect themselves.

This bright green parrot was found with almost none of its beak left. No one knows why. The bird was taken to Renascer ACN in Planura, Brazil. This is a place where animals are rescued and cared for. The founder of Renascer ACN, Paulo Roberto Martins Nunziata, was the first person to look at the hopeless bird and figure out what was wrong with it. Nunziata knew that the bird could not be fixed because its upper bill was gone and its lower bill was badly broken. But the bird can still be saved if a replacement beak is made and put in its mouth to replace the one that was broken off.

Nunziata worked with Maria Angela Panelli Marchió, a veterinarian specialising in helping animals with their bones and joints. The vet helps hurt animals improve by giving them prosthetic body parts made of plastic resin. First, she fixed the lower bill by combining it with a polymethylmethacrylate prosthetic beak. When she was done with the lower bill, she moved on to the upper bill and made the whole thing out of polymethyl methacrylate. She put a couple of metal braces into the parrot's upper beak to hold the prosthetic beak in place. The bird's bill looked as good as new after it was bound.

The artificial beak was made by hand out of plastic resin to look like a real bird's bill.

Now that it has a fake beak, the parrot can return to its old life. But they can't put it back in the wild because the bird's bill would break again from all the use if they did. The parrot has fully recovered and is now living in a safe place where it doesn't have to hunt for food, build its nest, or protect itself from predators. So, it doesn't have to worry about using its bill too much and breaking it in the process.

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