People who wanted a cool tattoo but weren't able to get one (14 Pics)

Of course, everyone has a different idea of what is beautiful, but some things can never be called beautiful. Some tattoo artists use an ironic and straightforward way of drawing as their trademark, but if a person can't draw, he might be better off not getting a tattoo and practising bananas for now.

How could some people think to ask to be filled in this way?

Then they sit on the porch.

Both the master and the lady did a good job.

I bet that your 5-year-old son wouldn't draw any worse.

No, nothing is unclear, but what?... And it was clear that a good master did it.

For some reason, he felt he had to keep this check on his body forever...

We were told that rappers are tough.

No, but this is meant to be funny, right?

Don't look here, Angie, and don't cry like that. How are you...

As a last resort, you could tell everyone that a bad kid drew on your sheets with a pen while sleeping and didn't have time to clean.

Even if Schwarzenegger isn't the best actor in the world, he didn't deserve what happened to him.

Did you also jump back in shock?

In theory, if you make it a little bit better and see it as an example of primitivism, it's true.

No, well, this has to mean something.

Artists who don't do their jobs well will have their cauldron in hell. Now we believe in it too.

Which tattoo do you want to get?

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