From handsome to alien. Anthony Loffredo's Life

Anthony Loffredo could have stayed a simple security guard from Provence, France if he hadn't realized one day that he didn't want to be a man. He wants to be a reptile.

He wanted to look like he was from another planet, so he moved to Australia to start the process. The guy looked like a typical "jock" and "alpha male," so women were always interested in him. When he was 24, though, he started to cover his body with tattoos, which changed the colour of his skin.

A tattoo won't be enough to make him look like an alien. So, Anthony got rid of his hair and used implants to change the shape of his skull to look more like a lizard's head.

Have you ever seen Hollywood aliens have ears? So, Loffredo decided that this "accessory" in his body wasn't necessary and had the auricles removed. Today, having a forked tongue won't surprise anyone, but a creature like a lizard is supposed to. Everything would have been fine, but his eyes showed that he was human, and then he filled the eyeballs with ink and made the whites of the eyes completely black.

Eton decided that human skin didn't work for him, so he scarred himself. The lightning-shaped scars on his cheeks are the most obvious sign of scarring. On the forehead, micro dermal implants made of metal showed up. It seems like, well, what else about yourself can you change?

Nose! It doesn't look right for an alien to have a nose. Loffredo had to go to Barcelona to get surgery to cut off the tip of his nose, which made his nose completely open. Now we know it's not a person. Anthony changed his name to "The Black Alien Project." Yes, you heard that right because the guy hasn't finished making his changes.

P.C.I. cut off the other fingers on the hands, leaving just the thumb, index, and middle finger. This made the hands look more like reptiles. Also, our "aliens" tried to twist the upper lip, but something went wrong, and now part of the lip is missing, showing the smile.

From the last P.C.I., a tunnel was cut through the lower lip, the teeth and tongue were painted, and the whites of the eyes were changed to green (very interesting, how?). He says the project will go on, even though he has only finished 29% of it. His next target is artificial legs that are made of metal. I hope that there are no surgeons who would agree to do such an operation.

How do you feel about these transformations? Do you agree that you may sacrifice your hearing to achieve your dreams?

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