A Thai woman makes funny collages that compare Instagram to real life. Here are 20 of the best ones.

Instagram is the best part of life for a lot of people. They choose to show off their exotic travels, expensive food, and exotic poses in front of expensive toys. But when you see many winning shots, you start to think that all their days are the same. You might feel like a loser when you compare yourself to those unreachable standards.

So it's good to keep in mind that these movies only show a small part of their lives and that dozens of other things are happening behind the scenes. The angle might have made them look like they had a double chin, and a dog was barking in the background.

That's exactly what the Thai model Vienna did. He wanted to show his 250K followers that there was more to each "perfect" photo on social media than meets the eye. He did this by creating a series called "Instagram vs. Reality," which everyone online liked.

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