16 Times when nature decided to draw something on every surface.

When they want to pick up paints or pencils, many people probably get a sudden burst of inspiration from time to time. And it looks like nature thinks that she, too, needs to be creative sometimes. Also, natural masterpieces are everywhere: in clouds, lightning, unusual patterns on plants and minerals, and even "painted" hearts. And there's more!

1. My 3-month-old puppy is the perfect Valentine.

2. A fantasy cloud made by an artist who loves nature

3. There's a dragon in this rock

4. The condensate settled so that the outline of a city with tall buildings could be seen.

5. When it rains, the balcony door looks like a painting by an impressionist.

6. Caught a rainbow in a transparent selenite mineral.

7. A bow in the woods sent a message of love.

8. What happened was that I drew a circle around my vitiligo spots.

9. A friend saw a pattern on a plant that looked like a tree.

10. Weirdest Lightning I've taken pictures of

11. A flower that looks upset and is an orchid

12. Sometimes, it seems like nature wants to add colour.

13. The leaves of this plant look like they were made by drawing a pattern from other leaves.

14. Sometimes, people hide in the stones.

15. I found this paper in my car.

16. Our cat is covered with a chicken!


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