20+ cute pictures of animals that caught their gestures at just the right time

We've all been caught "red-handed" at some point, either because we did something wrong or were in a strange situation. It is something that all people have in common. But have you ever seen animals in situations like this?

The following photo gallery has a lot of funny pictures of animals caught on camera at just the right moment, so we promise you'll laugh.

1. What are you trying to find?

2. Hi, what's going on?

3. Not if my kids aren't here.

4. The best babysitters out of all of them.

5. You're getting this

6. I'm interested in you

7. Relaxing after eating.

8. Baby turtle in sleep.

9. Peacock is going to take off!

10. They don't have a set place to sleep.

11. My dad and I took a short walk.

12. What a scary moment!

13. There is no choice in friendship.

14. A walk in the snow.

15. Oh My God! A leaf guitarist.

16. When I saw this, I couldn't stop laughing.

17. I just got back from getting my hair cut.

18. Could you give me a little?

19. I'm in the open!

20. brothers

21. This selfie is the best one ever.

22. This is the most comfortable place I've ever been.

23. My friend, I've missed you.

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