25 Times People Did Not Follow Instructions So Badly That It Led To Hilarious Mishaps


There is always a chance of something going wrong when you order a custom item. You can never be sure that the result will be exactly what you wanted and hoped for. Still, we humans love being unique and having something that no one else has, so we are happy to take that risk. Or because we don't think anything will go wrong with a simple custom order for which we gave clear instructions. Well, let me tell you…

A whole section of Reddit is all about funny things that happened when people didn't follow the instructions. The "Peanut Butter Is One Word" subreddit, which is a clever reference to the TV show "BoJack Horseman," is for people to share the funniest examples of "ordering a custom label and giving instructions, only to have the instructions printed on the thing you ordered." Check out some of the funniest examples of "instructions went wrong."

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#1: Op's girlfriend got them a birthday cake with a Bojack theme.

#2 Most likely

#3: Thank you to my friends, and it's my birthday!

#4: A Great Welsh Book

#5: Now, 900 of these pens are owned by Op's company.

#6: How to Use a Bag of Rice

#7: "Make sure you put on the labels that they contain eggs."

#8: Let me know if it's still too long.

#9 3/5 Stars

#13 Even though this isn't the same as the joke, it made me think of the show!

#10: I sent a potato to a friend for his birthday

#11 Flag of Poland

#12 Not sure if this has been posted before, but my first thought when I found this on Reddit was

#14: Well, congrats to Tucker, I guess?

#15 Sample Text

#16 Name of the group

#17 Surprise!

#18 How to Say "Oops" in Arabic

#19: I found a planned one today

#20: Happy Birthday, Men and Women Who Don't Have Names

#21. A friend ordered a picture cake and gave the woman the picture she wanted to use on a thumb drive.

#22: Parents didn't want their son's name on his school photo

#23 My Gift for the Anniversary.

#24 30 Surrounded by Stars and Sprinkles!

#25. I have my mom's old iPad

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