25 Photos From My "Invisible Jumpers" Series, Which Took Five Years And Countless Hours Of Knitting.

Photographer Joseph Ford and "camouflage" knitting expert Nina Dodd have spent more time than is reasonable making custom jumpers that blend in with their surroundings, from bus seats to bushes, carpets to coastlines. These jumpers have been made for people, animals, and even bananas.

"I love the challenge of selecting graphic places, picking models that fit well into them, and then utilizing Nina's knitting skills to make them fit together as best as possible," Ford told The Independent. Nina spent weeks or perhaps months knitting for each of these photographs, while I spent days or weeks researching and planning them.

This fun series is now available in a new book from Hoxton Mini Press, a favorite independent publisher. It has pictures of 25 knitted items, photos and stories from behind the scenes, and an introduction by the well-known writer and gallerist Laura Noble. 

More Info & Images credit- josephford.net / Facebook / Instagram

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