16 Pictures Ordinary people were photobombed by celebrities.

The most common thing to do these days is to take a picture of anything and everything. Everyone would pull out their phones and take a picture, whether it was a sad or happy event or something that surprised them. Because we love taking pictures so much, we even have separate social media sites where we can post pictures.

But think about what would happen if a famous person walked into a picture you were trying to take of yourself. That would make the picture worth a million times more and be one of the best things that ever happened to you. We all love to take photos with stars, but it doesn't happen very often. They wouldn't hang out in parks as we do, so if you took a picture by accident with Prince William or De Capricho in the background, it would be worth so much more than words could say.

So, out of the 7.6 billion people on Earth, you must be fortunate if a celebrity has photobombed you. We thought it would be fun to share pictures where celebrities have photobombed ordinary people's photos.

So, please scroll down to see these incredible photos, and don't forget to tell us what you think!

#1. Jennifer Lawrence won the Academy Award for a Reason


#2. Prince Harry Is The Photobombing King

#3. Photobombing Apparently Runs In The Family

#4. May I Have Another Photobomb Like This One?

#5: "My Friend Tried To Snap A Secret Photo Of Emma Stone And Andre Garfield Eating Dinner- Here Is The Result"

#6. Rihanna Definitely Improved This Photograph

#7. The Benefits of Knowing George Clooney

#8. Jake Gyllenhaal Is An Expert At Photobombing

#9: This Is Why We Have Brothers

#10 These Two Are Simply Incredible

#11 Pretty, Little Photobomber

#12 Tom Hanks photobombed Elisabeth and Ryan's wedding photoshoot.

#13 James Harden Maintains Contact With The Kardashians

#14 Neil Patrick Harris ruined a beautiful family photo

#15: The Queen photobombed our selfie.

#16. Bruce Willis Was Actually Smiling When He Photobombed Donia Yousry's Husband And Daughter's Photo.

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