Artist Removes Make-Up From Dolls And Re-Paints Them to Make Them Look Stunningly Real

Facetune, Photoshop, Snapchat filters, and other unrealistic beauty standards make you wonder if there is any natural beauty left. And while cosmetics and clothing may frequently become a kind of art and self-expression, it can also be enjoyable to observe individuals in their natural state. The issue of unreachable beauty standards has also been discussed about dolls and how their artificial appearances may affect young girls and their perception of attractiveness.

Olga Kamenetskaya, a Ukrainian artist, is here to exhibit how dolls might look if they were constructed genuinely. Olga removes all of the doll's makeup and replaces it with new, realistic, and proportional features. It's reasonable to say that the end effect is typically superior to the original, with dolls appearing significantly more realistic than before. In an interview with Vogue, Olga stated that each doll has flaws, just like real people, and that she not only changes the features of these dolls and changes the shape of their faces and even adds new wigs.

It makes the doll look lifeless if its new face is perfect and symmetrical; I don't like that. I always leave a flaw that may not be visible to everyone, but it gives the invisible doll a sense of style.

Scroll down to see these fantastic dolls for yourself!

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