30 Times People Had The Worst Day

Sometimes it seems as if nothing goes right for you: you wake up too late, miss the bus, arrive late at work, and then discover that the coffee machine is broken. "Is this the worst day of my life?" you wonder. The answer is a resounding "yes."

You'll quickly find that your worst day isn't as horrible as the worst days others have experienced online. Everything from exploding printers to keys locked inside armoured trucks to on fire automobiles has happened in the name of research. You'll find people whose days were worse than yours in the photos below!


I discovered that I sleepwalk today.

On the same day, two brothers won the lottery.

Keys Inside Armored Truck


Probably the greatest photograph of myself ever taken

Being You Is A Pain, Tom

Oh Well!

Married Couple In Front Of Their Burning Car

This girl was bleaching her hair and covering it with a Walmart plastic bag to keep the heat in, but the ink got printed on her hair.

Today's Scene Outside My Apartment

Poor Guy

Jonah Hill Accidentally Drops His Coffee

Not Dead

Today, someone at Porsche will be fired.

Copy & Paste

Oh No!

Oh, it's Me A-Marioooo...

So, I guess I'm now The Chandelier

Awkward Awakening

A DUI is still preferable.

Imagine your name being left out of a movie credit scene like this.

Mac And Cheese Has Been Raised To A New Level

The Children Were Apparently Too Distracted To Close The Door

When You Realize You've Applied The Wrong Spray

I picked up my car from the mechanic yesterday after having a number of items replaced for a total of $2100, only for it to burst into flames on me this morning.

When You Forget About Your Pals

When I was alone at home cleaning the roof and gutters, I heard a loud bang.

After a snake bite, a Chinese man chops off his own finger 'to save my own life,' but doctors say it was completely unnecessary.

This was a present from my crush.

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