Japanese Couple Designed Cat Fur Hats For Their Cats So They Wouldn't Lose Them (30 Pics)

Most pets don't like having things on them, especially cats. You don't need to own a cat to know that cats are cute.. There are many ways to make your cat look like Puss in Boots or even a superhero cat. We think you came up with a lot of good ideas. How did your cat feel about their hello kitty hat? Do not be angry if those accessories fall off their heads faster than you can blink. Just a cat. You know that cats are stubborn.

We all know how hard it is for cat owners to try to put clothes on their pets. Knowing all that, it was a big surprise to see these cats calmly posing and wearing cute fur hats. It's now your turn, too.

Japanese photographer Ryo Yamazaki and his wife, Hiromi, made these funky and stylish hats for cats. They came up with a way to keep them on until they took a good picture. The way they did it: These hats are made from hair that cats shed.

For as long as they're their hair, they don't mind having their hair in the picture for a while. Models: This is Mar. Nyaa and Mugi are the three people who are in this group. Among the many styles they have are little aviator helmets and fancy Victorian wigs, both very pretty. They look so cute with these cat beanies on.

More Info & Images Source: Ryo Yamazaki

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