A man hears five puppies crying at the bottom of a well and jumps in to help them.


As a result of being buried under the mud and being lost, they were helpless. And they wouldn't have been able to stay alive without Surachet, the person who writes for them.

What a beauty!

During the day, a Thai man named Surachet Klaevkla was walking to work when he heard strange sounds. Cry or squeak. The sounds came from the ground.

He looked around and found a hole in the ground. At the bottom, something was stirring in the deep mud, and he could hear it.

That's when the brave guy decided to climb in and save this creature, no matter what it was!

In the mud, what is there?

Puppies! As many as five tails!

At first, this is what happened: He thought the rocks looked dirty, but soon after, he found five tiny puppies who needed his help.

They had been covered in mud, and helpless. When Surachet came into their lives, they would not have lived long enough to tell the story.

Surachet took the grate off the well and lowered himself down inside of it without hesitation.

They were all picked up one by one and taken to dry ground.

If he hadn't been there, the cute pups might have drowned. It was the rainy season in Thailand, and puppies stuck them.

There was a thick, dirty paste all over them. The puppy's mother was not there.

As a good thing, they were found by someone who could save the day more than once!

A person took every puppy home. He took a day off to help the little ones.

A lot of people helped him wash and clean the kutenoks. They also fed and put them to bed.

It was a huge surprise to them that the puppies were healthy.

It also made him even more determined to find them a new home because their cute faces made him want to do it even more than before.

He thought it wouldn't be too hard to find them new homes, so he put pictures of their rescue on Facebook in October of last year.

It didn't take long for the post to spread around the world. The puppies live thanks to Surachet, who many people praised. They also gushed about the tiny sweethearts.

They couldn't not. They are so cute!

The Surachet family decided to keep all of the puppies because they thought it was a good sign.

Surachet didn't just happen to be near that pit that morning, and it was no coincidence that they were given a chance to save little lives. Let them live and be good!

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Source : fsrn.info

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